Thoughts on participating in the North Highway Revitalization Project

2023In February this year, the "Kitakaido Shopping Street Revitalization Project" for about five months was completed.

We opened our Sunpu Office on November 1, 2021 in Sunpu-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City.
The reason why we chose the name Sunpu Office instead of Shizuoka Office is that Omaezaki City is also located in Shizuoka Prefecture, so the Shizuoka Office is a simple reason that I thought was a little different.
We were fortunate that the location of the opening was Sunpu Town.
Sunpu means "Fuchu of Suruga", and it existed as a place name before "Shizuoka" in the Edo period, and in fact it is a name that has been used longer than Shizuoka now.
I digress.

This North Kaido Shopping Street Revitalization Project.
At the request of the NPO ESUNE, which was located in Sunpu Town until last year (currently relocated to Oga in Suruga Ward), we will participate in the project of Shizuoka City. It was a joint project between local university students (young people) and companies and organizations with offices in Sunpu Town to revitalize the Kita Kaido shopping district. I proposed the opening of a website to Esne, who consulted with me, and I managed to complete the first phase of the website, which was the basis for it.

The two university students who cooperated as part of the internship, Ms. Yasui and Ms. Shiratsuchi, also really worked hard to conduct an unfamiliar interview (reporter) and expressed their thoughts and wishes in an article from their point of view.
I have had the opportunity to talk with young people at work in the past, and I was really impressed that each of them, including the coordinator, Mr. Kusuda, is facing their own lives, worried about them, and doing their best than when I was your age.
I am also grateful that they are participating in such a project, and I feel that it is worthy of respect.

The project was intended to revitalize the Kita Kaido Shopping Street, but in reality, "Kita Kaido Shopping Street" is an area concept, and it is composed of falconer districts and Sunpucho shopping associations. There are also various shops among them.
It is too rough to lump together under the name of shopping street. We created our website with the idea of wanting to spotlight each shop and office, and to that end, we would listen to the personality and thoughts of each shopkeeper.

At the same time, the event "Taka no Ichi and Sunpu City", which had been suspended for about two and a half years, was planned to be restarted as a marche this time, and two projects were planned: the website and the marche. The event business, which was restarted with the "Kitakai Marche", will be held next week on Saturday, February 25.

Finally, the main subject. Thinking about and promoting the revitalization of the North Kaido shopping district.
11It was around the moon, but I still can't get the words that coordinator Kusuda-san said in a meeting, "So what exactly is activation?"
2023Now that I'm finishing the year's project, I've thought of the answer (it's definitely late!). )。

I think activation is "encounter = encounter".

Surprisingly, it became a normal word (laughs).
I still remember the words that Mr. Matsushita, the lecturer, said at the workshop on the website before as a basic principle of business.
"To increase sales, the number of customers × unit price", and how to increase sales more than now
"Do you want to increase the number of customers?"
Either "increase the unit price (of the product)".

It is quite difficult to increase the unit price of a product.
So, how do you increase the number of customers (although the price of goods has increased recently).

It thinks "supply and demand" in IMHO these days. I think it means that "activities to increase demand" are necessary.
I think that activities to increase that demand are not about "creating encounters."

Our activities this time and the activities of "Kitakai Marche" are also "encounters".
Encounter with Shizuoka City.
Encounter with Ethnay.
Encounter with the merchants.
Meet students.

At the end of that chain of encounters, I think that "creating an encounter between a store and a customer" is revitalizing.

This possibility can be found both in the Kitakai Marche and on our website.

This activity "creates motivation to meet in the North Kaido shopping street."
For that reason, it is important to "connect with falconers, things, and people that can only be met in Sunpu Town".

When I think about it, my work relationships have always been "in encounters" and connected.
15Opening an office in Shizuoka City a month ago was also a decision made during the company's survival during the Corona disaster, "opening a store in the most difficult and unknown area." However, the connection with the family of the former chairman of the "Sea Model Contest" that we have independently held in Omaezaki, and the encounters with everyone in these projects have given rise to new connections.
I am grateful for the encounters I have had since my previous job and my previous job days, and the connections I have with everyone who continues to connect with me, including SNS. We are also planning to take on the challenge of a wider area.

Among the shops, there are owners who are the third generation since their founding in the Meiji era, and there are also founders who have opened stores in this town from outside the prefecture and are doing their best. I believe that we must continue to transmit and connect the thoughts, history, and pride of each of you as "motivations for encounters."

And the most important thing is to make this "encounter" "think about it together" and "have energy and courage".

I was expecting it, but it turned out to be a long sentence (laughs).
I entered it for the time being, so please note that there are typographical errors.

Finally, I would like to once again express my sincere gratitude to Shizuoka City, NPO Esne, everyone in each shopping district, university students Mr. Yasui and Mr. Shiratsuchi, and our staff Mr. Suzuki who did their best for this activity.
The photo shows this month's activity report meeting.
I am not shown in this photo, but the photo of Katayama in the report made by Mr. Kusuda is a photo of Ossan that is not good enough, and I regret that it will not look good (it's a lie).

Thank you so much! (Also for you who read this article).
This is the beginning, not the end.

Janken will end with a victory if you do it until you win.
Never give up.

Face Co., Ltd. Representative Director Katayama

Saita Shokai Co., Ltd. Logo Mark Symbol Production








Face Katayama Corporation

Notice of homepage results

Hello. We have added the page of "Homepage Results" to our company's own homepage of Face Co., Ltd.
It has been 10 years since the individual business in February this year, and thanks to you, we are in charge of 16 companies and organizations at the Yosaki Seafood Bura Market, which is the latest work result.

Homepage production is generally compatible with normal HTML, Wordpress, and C2 systems, but there is no doubt that web information is an essential tool in this social situation.

However, it is not a good thing to have a lot of access. It is well known that web information is compared.
As a service to be selected, we would like to verify not only the production of the homepage but also "site operation that can realize the advertising effect" with users as a challenge for the 11th year of the face.

Also, in my point of life, I think it's hard to think of a return to the same situation in Japan and the world as it was before Corona.
There is no doubt that advertising is always with society and is a force for moving people.
At the same time, work cannot be done without clients. As a local advertising company, we will make further efforts, so thank you very much in the future.

Face Co., Ltd. Representative Director Katayama

A new homepage of fish gold has been completed!

A new homepage of Uo kin, familiar with Osaki City's catered dishes, has been completed. The new homepage is a renewal including ci design of fish gold.

The old site was not migrated (it was not possible) and the new homepage was opened as it was.

It was the last conversation as a result when the former president of Uogon called me three days before his death and told me that he had something to consult with again. I have such memories, and I am deeply moved to have been consulted about this work.
In the sense of supporting the young third generation who inherited the family business from the earliest generation, please access many people by all means.

Also, thank you to President Terada of Akka Style Concept for your cooperation in the production. It is a strong partner that I first knew when I opened my business individually. I am really hearty that you are still cooperating in this way.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been watching this blog.
thank you.

There are many delicious shops in Osaki, such as Uogane-san. Please look back.


JA En state Yumesaki Festival in Okasa

Today is JA En state Yumesaki Festival in Okasa.
At Faith, I was in charge of newspaper folding flyers, posters, and stage acoustics.
Until last year, it was raining for two consecutive years, but today I was blessed with fine weather. Various events will be held until 15:15 mochi toss at JA Ensu Yumesaki Main Store.

Puru that 2018 summer posters

We produced posters for Misaki Citizen's Pool and Suisui Park Pururu.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. pool business promotion department was in charge for about 10 years before the face opening
advertisements for water such as pools, water parks, and beaches.
I don't leave my head all year round.

This poster is a secondary advertisement for attracting customers in the summer of the 20th anniversary of its opening.
While submitting multiple plans, using illustrations that have been used for the past two years
Images of the facility are also posted.

The illustration is an image of the bird "Goshawk" that lives around here.
There's a different real character, but I'm familiar with the poster design.
I have produced and used original illustrations.

The outdoor pool of Pururu is seen from the main highway.
It is a familiar appearance for those who have passed by car.

It is a design that made a catch copy of the summery blue and the name of the facility as it is.

This summer, please enjoy the 20th anniversary of Pururu.
On the 23rd of this weekend, folding flyers will be folded into Osaki city and surrounding areas.

Thank you for reading!

Face President Katayama

8 omaezaki port and a Festival Poster

Omaezaki, Shizuoka city advertising offices face is.

Omaezaki port and a Festival poster is completed and the city focusing on distribution and posted is.
This year's Festival will be held at Imperial Nagasaki fish market 5/26 Saturday,.

Counting the 8 th year in business, as an exhibition event of the omaezaki seafood
Many people from outside the city, and outside the Prefecture more than 15000 people.

Poster's design illustration of the classic bonito catch me every year.
As the symbol character of this event at this time
As a high-impact and visibility of the poster will compliment to the organizers and visitors.

Anyway, went to a new business, and posters of the Festival's production Office and most of
The height of the level of awareness that we know.

Full of gratitude to Suruga Bay fishermen who has received the patronage of the same organizers and South
It is produced.

Time o許 way, take a look at 5/26 Saturday in early summer to bring your legs please.
Past eight events are both blessed with the weather.

Pliocene bonito of the most popular selling book is number are limited.
Your audience awaits you!

Face Katayama

Faith is renewed

This is the face representative Katayama.

This time, the website has been renewed.
In addition to changing the design of main contents of the
And multimedia devices: automatic conversion feature on mobiles, Smartphone, Tablet PC
Automatic delivery to the /SNS6 site, the function
Follow on to the HP site recommended settings for Google
And enhancements from the query from access, particularly mobile phone contact
And in the updates, revisions, access management of manufacturing systems
Such as it is.

To our clients we pause announcements and email sending limit
We apologize for the inconvenience. Take this opportunity and thank you for your cooperation.

So I think from now on, far more than deliver a fresh Info
Please thank you.

Shizuoka omaezaki Cape city graphic design advertising opportunities
Face President Katayama