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Four Leaf Baby & Kids Products Open Flyer

Tomorrow, Saturday morning, 10:00 a.m., the baby and kids' goods shop "Four leaf: Four Leaf" will open.
Omaezaki City Ikeshinda, it is a neighborhood of about 100m with the family mart north side on our west side.

Mr. Four Leaf is planned as a business of Omiplantech Co., Ltd.
I had consultations such as insert flyers this time.

The other day, on Culture Day on the 3rd, flyers are also inserted into newspapers in the city and neighboring municipalities.
There are also Instagram, Facebook and LINE SNS.

There is also a kids' space and a café space where adults can relax in the large shop.
A new shop in Omaezaki, "Four leaf: Four Leaf", is open from tomorrow.
Best regards!

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Osaki Brand Fair



Omaezaki Ladder Sake & Stamp Rally Flyer

We produced advertisements for the Osaki Ladder Sake & Stamp Rally, which will be held for the first time on September 18 this year.

The design of the surface is a graphic designer Ishikawa (maiden name / Yokota) who has been related since iwata's company to which I belonged
I asked.

I'm grateful to have been involved in advertising for about 27 years.
Osaki Ladder Sake & Stamp Rally is still accepting applications. Introduced on the back of the flyer for 3,000 yen
You can drink ladder liquor at three shops in the city. Please join us.

For applications and inquiries, Osaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry 0537-86-2146 I'd like to.

Notice of Shinno Kakashi Festival Procrastin

We will inform you of the shinno kakashi festival procrastin.
It was scheduled from September 30 due to the influence of the typhoon.
Voting day will take place on Sunday, October 14.

The exhibition period is from Saturday, October 13 to Friday, October 19.
Various oaks made by applicants are displayed along the Shinno River.

Shinno Kakashi Festival Folding Flyer

We have produced a folding flyer for the Shinno Kakashi Festival.
Since Faith produced the printed matter, thanks to
We are listening to the story that the number of visitors is increasing.
Flyers will be woven into the entire area of Osaki City and part of the former Okasa district of Kikukawa City tomorrow.

Flow through the Niino district of Omaezaki City, which is also a village associated with ShinnoZama Esakiko
The riverbed of the Shinno River is crowded with the oak of the thought respectively.
30A popular vote will also be held on Sunday.