The 16th Omaezaki City Industrial Festival

The 16th Omaezaki City Industrial Festival is finally one week away.
This year, it will be held on Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27.

In addition to event management, I will be in charge of posters and flyers for this event.
Today, the 19th, a newspaper insert leaflet was also folded in Omaezaki City.

The image is a flyer for the first advertisement based on this year's poster.
Originally, there was only one type of plan, but this time it will be held for the first time in three years.
We proposed two types of posters using the mascot character of Omaezaki City and adopted them.

The first is the "I'm here." version with Namimaru in front of it, based on red.
The second version is based on blue and Fuu-chan is placed in front of the "Welcome Home." version.
We are planning to be a pair.

It's not a big city by any means, but when people I know say "I've seen it," I'm relieved that the design has a certain level of specifications as an advertising material.

However, since it is an event advertisement, I think that it is not only seen but also that there are visitors and recognition (success) of the advertisement.
In addition, there will be no stage event this time due to measures against new coronavirus infections.
While paying attention to Corona, we are waiting for many people to visit.


Omaezaki Nostalgic Film Festival 2022

We produced posters and flyers for the "Omaezaki Nakashi no Film Festival" held every March.
This project, which allows you to watch four Showa movies in one day with one ticket and one coin, is a popular event especially for the elderly. In the past, you could watch two movies at the same time.

We re-proposed the design up to last year and adopted the content of this time. It's nostalgic, but it's a design consideration that is visible and unique.

There are four works: "Nigorie", "Lightning", "Izu no odoriko", and "Hanaoka Seisu no Wife".
For inquiries such as viewing requests and tickets,Omaezaki City Promotion Public CorporationPlease check from the homepage.