Celebrated the 10th anniversary of its opening.


Thank you very much.











2021年2月4日 株式会社フェイス
Tomoya Katayama, Representative Director

2021Please give my best regards for 20 years.

2021Happy New Year, 2008.
Thank you very much for your help during the old year.

Faith Co., Ltd. started work on the 7th yesterday.
It has been a coronal disaster since last year, and the situation continues to be difficult in all industries.

In the mean time, at the end of last year, we proposed and produced a poster of "Yosaki Tea".
I believe that the antibacterial action of Japanese tea (green tea) is true, and I always brew Osaki tea in my bottle purchased at a tea shop in the city and carry it with me.

I think the core of product advertising promotion is trust. It is also the most important thing in building relationships. After all, work is based on this relationship of trust, and I think that advertising is "things and things that transmit trust". I think "trust" is important in any business.

In other words, something that the sending party can't trust doesn't lead to good advertising.
Last year, I had the opportunity to meet various people, and I was able to welcome the New Year safely.

This year, in February, we will celebrate 10 years since our founding from our individual business.
Due to the "new corona", a new era is about to be forcibly opened.
I believe that we have entered an era where we have to change.

It is also we who will make it a "good era" from now on what that era will look like.
Thank you very much this year.

Pick up trash, throw trash in the trash.

November from today. On the day of the company's corporate garbage, we picked up garbage around the area, mainly planting on the street.

For the first time, there was a huge amount of garbage.

Picking up garbage not only feels good, but also fosters a feeling of deterring the act of throwing it away.

The picture is a place to separate the garbage collected. There was still a lot of this amount because there was still more.

Let's throw the trash in the trash.(^^)