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Omaezaki Tsuyuhikari New Tea First Picking Experience Participation Reception has ended / Thank you

It's April.
Last month, we received applications from 83 people in 24 groups for the Omaezaki Tsuyuhikari New Tea First Picking Experience "Tea Garden Picnic", which we announced the recruitment of. Applications will close today.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the many applications we received.
We will proceed with thorough preparations including the day with the organizer, the Omaezaki City Tea Industry Promotion Council.
Thank you for your continued support.
Thank you very much

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Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari New Tea First Picking Experience Participants Wanted



開催日:4月15日土曜日 9時から12時30分を予定/雨天の場合は翌日16日日曜日
参加費:大人2000円 子ども1000円(お弁当付)


Omaezaki Halloween Party 2022 Continued

Omaezaki Halloween Party 2022
This is the back of the flyer we announced the other day.

Date: Saturday, October 29 11:00~15:00(Canceled in case of rain)
Location: Near the entrance of Yachiyo Park and city road
Organizer: Omaezaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The time schedule, performers, gourmet corner and other details of the shops are posted.
Please check the venue layout and parking lot. ↓

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Omaezaki Halloween Party 2022

Omaezaki Halloween Party will be held on Saturday, October 29th!
The Omaezaki Halloween Party, which will be held for the first time in three years, will be held at Yachiyo Park (south side of Omaezaki City Hall).
Date: Saturday, October 29 11:00~15:00(Canceled in case of rain)
Location: Near the entrance of Yachiyo Park and city road
Organizer: Omaezaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At this event, children who participate in the treasure hunt in costume will receive tickets for trick-or-treating, and a costume contest will be held on Instagram.

In Omaezaki City, the following flyers produced by our company will be folded in this weekend. For details, please see the flyer ↓

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Kitakai Marche 10/22 Call for Participating Stores

10On Saturday the 22nd of the month, "Kitakai Marche" will be held at the Kitakaido Shopping Street in Shizuoka City.
It was planned as a successor project to the event that had been held on the sidewalks on both sides of the Kita Kaido in Shizuoka City as "Hawk City / Sunpu City" for more than 10 years before Corona. For this business plan, Faith is in charge of proposing event names and publicity.

More than nine months after the opening of Faith's Sunpu office, we have decided to participate in initiatives related to the revitalization of the North Highway, including this project.
Even now, while learning various things from local people, we share time to think about the charm of the city.
Everyone I meet is enthusiastic, and I am grateful for the good encounters. They are vulnerable to such people.

"Kitakai Marche" is currently recruiting participating stores. We plan to hold this project on a regular basis in the future.
To apply, access the application form from the 2D code of the flyer with the smartphone below, orKitakaido HomepageYou can apply from. Thank you very much.

Face Corporation Representative Katayama

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Shinno Kakashi Festival 2022

We have produced the 2022 poster and flyer for the "Niino Kakashi Festival" held in the Niino district of Omaezaki City.
The Niino area is an area that flourished since the Sengoku period as the domain of Naotora's uncle, Prince Niino Sasuke, in the NHK taiga drama "Naotora, Lord of the Female Castle".

The Kakashi Festival is held on the promenade of the Niino River, which flows on the west side of the Niino District Center, and a contest is held by popularity vote with original Kakashi works by applicants.
The exhibition will be on display from October 1 to 9. Visitors will vote on the popularity vote from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the 2nd.

After the cancellation due to Corona, this year's event will focus on popularity voting and exhibitions.
While paying attention to corona infection such as social distance and wearing a mask, we hope you will enjoy autumn in the Niino area.

#Kakashi Festival

Omaezaki Minato Summer Festival 2022 8March 6

Omaezaki Minato Summer Festival
2022The annual event is finally held tomorrow, Saturday, August 6th.

2019After the year, the event was canceled for two years, but it was decided to hold it albeit due to the Corona disaster.
The venue is Marine Park Omaezaki. It is probably the southernmost fireworks display in Shizuoka Prefecture.
The photo is a flyer produced by our company that was folded into Omaezaki City on Wednesday the 3rd of this week.

This year, the menu of the event will be narrowed down, and there will be only food stalls and fireworks.
Yatai village sales are at 5 p.m.
The fireworks are scheduled to start at 7:45 p.m.
This year's event ends at 8:30 a.m., but it may end earlier as soon as the fireworks are launched.

This year, we received applications from 37 stores from companies and organizations that are members of the City Tourism Association and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The opening of shops centered around the city is also a feature of this event and is very popular with visitors.

This year, bringing in and selling alcohol is prohibited.
Drinking alcohol is also prohibited in the venue.
At the entrance, you will be asked to inspect your belongings and measure your temperature and disinfect as a measure against corona.

This time, due to maintenance work related to Omaezaki Port, it is difficult to secure a temporary parking lot, and the number of parking spaces is limited more than usual.
Please allow plenty of time to come to the venue and drive safely.

Personally, I think I have been in charge for about 14 years this year since before I became independent.
In the summer of Omaezaki, the location of Nagisa, and the sea where fireworks go up are behind the two seas of Suruga Bay and the Pacific Ocean.
I hope that in the midst of milestones in times such as the coronavirus, the world economy, and war, it will be a moment of peace.

We sincerely look forward to your visit.

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Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022 Pamphlet Information

Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022 is being held very popularly.
This year, the weather is unstable for this time of year, but we have received a record 200 or more accesses to our face blog post posted last time.
4It has been held since Saturday, March 23, and it has been well received today, so we will introduce the inside information of the pamphlet.

The middle of the pamphlet contains detailed information on the 16 participating stores, a map of all stores including two stores in Hamamatsu City, and a calendar for holding. If you read a 2D barcode on the map and calendar, you can also view it on your smartphone.

I announced last time, but the participating stores are the following 16 stores.
Yama Cafe: Makinohara Tea
Tenku Tea Garden: YazoMajutaen
Cafe "Daichaen": Martaque Tea
Cafe and Sori: Yamaari Tea
Agame Cafe: Kappo Giseame
Maruyo Chaya: Same
Tree-growing Square: Yukitoshi
Cafe Ogashima: Gingashima Tea Garden
Tea and food-time tea: Same
Four leaf: Four Leaf
Okuru &pt.Courage: Same
Nagomi Chaya: Dune Fish Administration Garbage
Italian Gelato Mare: Same
Cape Tsuyu Hikari Cafe Yashio: Yashio Coffee
Mori no Fu/ Believing Cafe: Mori no Fu
Hamamatsu tea leaves shop: Same

We are waiting for you with pamphlets at each store.
This year's event is until Sunday, May 15.

Green tea has the effect of preventing infectious diseases, antibacterial and antiviral action, allergy suppression, etc.
Please drink a lot of Omaezaki tea.

Face Co., Ltd. will have a GW vacation from tomorrow to May 5. But maybe Katayama works a little on holidays. Thank you very much for your continued support of Face Co., Ltd. in the future.

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Omaezaki Art & Craft Fair

The Omaezaki Art craft fair will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 24 this week.
The art and craft fair is an event project planned and operated by Fuji Telenet Co., Ltd., and has been held 18 times in Shimizu and 15 times in Lake Hamana. The company supports us at the Omaezaki Minato Summer Festival (fireworks display) and the Omaezaki City Large Industry Festival.
This time, the art craft fair in Shimizu became severe this year due to the circumstances of the venue, and the first event will be held in Omaezaki.

Faith has been considering holding this art craft business for about 10 years since the summer festival was held at the venue marine park Omaezaki. In response to the decision to hold the event at the secretariat, we were ready to cooperate and support organizations and companies in the city.

Not to mention the concept of regional revitalization and the appeal of Omaezaki, as for me (Face Katayama), I always keep in mind the work that other companies can not do while being involved in the planning and face established because it is the region.
Of course, art and craft fairs are held all over Japan, and in the prefecture, it is held in Lake Hamana. However, I am confident that the Omaezaki Art & Craft Fair will create a different appeal from any of these events and make it an attractive business that is unique to you. This week, I hope that the locality of Omaezaki and the passion of 207 craft artists, including those outside the prefecture, will start a new angle.

Please come to Marine Park Omaezaki this weekend, although it is corona damage.
We sincerely apologize for your support.

Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022

Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022 will be held from Saturday, April 23.

In the new tea season of Omaezaki tea "Tsuyu Hikari", which is also a Omaezaki brand product,
It is an experience event campaign to visit among the 16 participating stores or your favorite shops and taste Tsuyu Hikari and sweets.

This year, if you collect stamps in 3 places by paying 200 yen at each shop
A service coupon that allows you to purchase Tsuyu Hikari products at 10% OFF will be presented on the spot,
In addition, from among those who answered the questionnaire attached to the stamp card, by lottery
"Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Treasure Tea Box" and "Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Tea Can" will be won.

The total participation fee is 100 yen higher than before, but there will be more chances to enjoy Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari more.
The following 16 stores are participating.
Mountain Cafe: Makinohara Tea / Tenzo Tea Garden: Yamama Manju Taen / Cafe "Daicha Garden": Marutake-made tea / Cafe Yamaari: Yamaari Tea
Go-Kame Cafe: Kappo Ai-Turtle / Maruyo Tea House: Same / Kiiku Square: Yukitoshi / Cafe Nagashima: Nagashima Tea Garden / Tea and Shokudoki Tea / Four leaf: Four Leaf / Otkuru & Pt.Courage: Dō / Nagomi Tea House: Dune Uomasa Nagomi / Italian Gelato Mare: Same / Cape no Tsuyu Hikari Cafe Yashio: Yashio Coffee / Du no Fu / Believing Cafe: Du no Fu / Hamamatsu no Tea Hatsuhaya: Same

We are waiting for you with pamphlets at each store.
This year, it will be held until Sunday, May 15, one week longer.

Green tea has the effect of preventing infectious diseases, antibacterial and antiviral action, allergy suppression, etc.
Please drink a lot of Omaezaki tea.