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Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022 Pamphlet Information

Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022 is being held very popularly.
This year, the weather is unstable for this time of year, but we have received a record 200 or more accesses to our face blog post posted last time.
4It has been held since Saturday, March 23, and it has been well received today, so we will introduce the inside information of the pamphlet.

The middle of the pamphlet contains detailed information on the 16 participating stores, a map of all stores including two stores in Hamamatsu City, and a calendar for holding. If you read a 2D barcode on the map and calendar, you can also view it on your smartphone.

I announced last time, but the participating stores are the following 16 stores.
Yama Cafe: Makinohara Tea
Tenku Tea Garden: YazoMajutaen
Cafe "Daichaen": Martaque Tea
Cafe and Sori: Yamaari Tea
Agame Cafe: Kappo Giseame
Maruyo Chaya: Same
Tree-growing Square: Yukitoshi
Cafe Ogashima: Gingashima Tea Garden
Tea and food-time tea: Same
Four leaf: Four Leaf
Okuru &pt.Courage: Same
Nagomi Chaya: Dune Fish Administration Garbage
Italian Gelato Mare: Same
Cape Tsuyu Hikari Cafe Yashio: Yashio Coffee
Mori no Fu/ Believing Cafe: Mori no Fu
Hamamatsu tea leaves shop: Same

We are waiting for you with pamphlets at each store.
This year's event is until Sunday, May 15.

Green tea has the effect of preventing infectious diseases, antibacterial and antiviral action, allergy suppression, etc.
Please drink a lot of Omaezaki tea.

Face Co., Ltd. will have a GW vacation from tomorrow to May 5. But maybe Katayama works a little on holidays. Thank you very much for your continued support of Face Co., Ltd. in the future.

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Omaezaki Art & Craft Fair

The Omaezaki Art craft fair will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 24 this week.
The art and craft fair is an event project planned and operated by Fuji Telenet Co., Ltd., and has been held 18 times in Shimizu and 15 times in Lake Hamana. The company supports us at the Omaezaki Minato Summer Festival (fireworks display) and the Omaezaki City Large Industry Festival.
This time, the art craft fair in Shimizu became severe this year due to the circumstances of the venue, and the first event will be held in Omaezaki.

Faith has been considering holding this art craft business for about 10 years since the summer festival was held at the venue marine park Omaezaki. In response to the decision to hold the event at the secretariat, we were ready to cooperate and support organizations and companies in the city.

Not to mention the concept of regional revitalization and the appeal of Omaezaki, as for me (Face Katayama), I always keep in mind the work that other companies can not do while being involved in the planning and face established because it is the region.
Of course, art and craft fairs are held all over Japan, and in the prefecture, it is held in Lake Hamana. However, I am confident that the Omaezaki Art & Craft Fair will create a different appeal from any of these events and make it an attractive business that is unique to you. This week, I hope that the locality of Omaezaki and the passion of 207 craft artists, including those outside the prefecture, will start a new angle.

Please come to Marine Park Omaezaki this weekend, although it is corona damage.
We sincerely apologize for your support.

Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022




合亀カフェ:割烹合亀/まるよ茶屋:同/木育広場:ユキトシ/カフェながしま:ながしま茶園/茶と食時どき茶/Four leaf:フォーリーフ/おっくる&Pt.Courage:同/なごみ茶屋:砂丘魚政なごみ/イタリアンジェラート・マーレ:同/岬のつゆひかりカフェ八潮:八潮珈琲/杜のふう・信じるカフェ:杜のふう/浜松の茶っ葉屋:同

We are waiting for you with pamphlets at each store.

Green tea has the effect of preventing infectious diseases, antibacterial and antiviral action, allergy suppression, etc.
Please drink a lot of Omaezaki tea.

Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari New Tea First Picking Experience Participants Wanted








株式会社フェイス 片山

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Osaki Nakashi no Film Festival 2021

The Osaki Nakashi Film Festival, which was scheduled for March this year and has been canceled due to the prevention of the new coronavirus, was planned again in March 2021. Sponsored by Osaki City Promotion Corporation.
This time, the number of visitors will be limited to prevent infection, and two films will be screened over two days on Saturday, March 6 and Sunday, March 7.
3Saturday, June 6 / The Three Villains of the Hidden Fort: From 10:00 / Zatokaichi Story: From 13:00
3Sunday, July 7 / Escape of dawn: From 10:00 / Man calling the storm: From 13:00
The venue is Osaki City Hall. Again, I was in charge of posters, flyers, and tickets. I hope that the influence of corona will gradually heal and many people will be able to watch it on the big screen. For more information such as ticket sales, please refer to the attached image.

D_Drive in Omaezaki

1"D_Drive in Osaki Grateful 47 Prefectures Driveing Tour" to be held in Osaki City on Saturday, April 25!!We have produced flyers and tickets.
Instrumental hard rock that the world pays attention to explodes in Osaki! Don't miss this opportunity
If you are looking for a ticket, please D_Drive the official website of the company or cookhouse tsubaki.

Official site:http://www.ddrive-official.com
Venue: Cookhouse Tsubaki (7560 Ikeshida, Yosaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020 OPEN:18:00START:18:30
Tickets: Advance ¥3,500 / ¥4,000 on the day ( 1Dink500 yen)
Contact: Cookhouse Tsubaki TEL.0537-86-7150

Omaezaki City Industrial Festival Tomorrow Day 2 11/24

The first day of the Osaki City Industry Festival has ended safely.
2The second day starts at 9:30 on November 24 tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the Kamen Rider Zero One show will be two times from 11:00 p.m. and 2:45 p.m.
Local JA and chamber of commerce events, and the Szuoka City Yakimachi Yakin Osaki City Team Spectacular Party are also held.

On the first day today, electone player 826aska performed.
Many fans from outside the prefecture were seen, and it was a hot stage.
826Mr. Aska.,Thank you very much to the staff and fans.
It is said that tomorrow will be a performance in Toyama. Travel long distances, please be careful.

Kamen Rider Zero One, which appears tomorrow, also appears to be very popular this year.

I'm waiting for you tomorrow at the Osaki City Industry Festival.
Please note that parking is limited. If you are nearby, please come by ride.

Omaezaki City Industrial Festival About rainy weather

The Osaki City Industry Festival will be held tomorrow!

23On Sundays and Saturdays, 836aska concerts and performances by the city school brass band club
24Ja events and Kamen Rider Zero One show are scheduled for Sunday and Sunday.

In case of rain, stage events will be held in the city hall.
For more information on stage events, please see the flyer.
Please come by all means!

826Mr. Aska's appearance decision Omaezaki City Large Industry Festival

Next week, it will be held on Saturday, November 23, a national holiday, and Sunday, November 24.
The 15th Osaki City Industry Festival. On the 16th, newspaper folding flyers were folded into Osaki City.

On Saturday the 23rd of this year, electone player 826aska will perform.
While an active high school student, the technique that YouTube playback also exceeded 100 million times with its overwhelming playing power
You can see it in Osaki!
The appearance time is scheduled from 12:00 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. twice. Looking forward to.

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Omaezaki Halloween Party & Gourmet Street

Osaki Halloween Party & Gourmet Street will be held on Saturday, October 26th!
Let's dress up together in the pedestrian paradise in front of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

Kids' time, costume No.1 finals, Halloween candle night, UTAKA acoustic live, etc. will be held.
At Gourmet Street, 12 shops in the city gather!
Let's all dress up and enjoy the Halloween party!

Date Saturday, October 26 15:00~20:00(雨天中止)
Location Shoko Kaikan Parking Lot Ike nitta Kindergarten Parking Lot
Pedestrian Street (14):30~20:30Vehicle traffic is prohibited)

For details, please see the flyer ↓