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Osaki Nakashi no Film Festival 2021

The Osaki Nakashi Film Festival, which was scheduled for March this year and has been canceled due to the prevention of the new coronavirus, was planned again in March 2021. Sponsored by Osaki City Promotion Corporation.
This time, the number of visitors will be limited to prevent infection, and two films will be screened over two days on Saturday, March 6 and Sunday, March 7.
3Saturday, June 6 / The Three Villains of the Hidden Fort: From 10:00 / Zatokaichi Story: From 13:00
3Sunday, July 7 / Escape of dawn: From 10:00 / Man calling the storm: From 13:00
The venue is Osaki City Hall. Again, I was in charge of posters, flyers, and tickets. I hope that the influence of corona will gradually heal and many people will be able to watch it on the big screen. For more information such as ticket sales, please refer to the attached image.

D_Drive in Omaezaki

1"D_Drive in Osaki Grateful 47 Prefectures Driveing Tour" to be held in Osaki City on Saturday, April 25!!We have produced flyers and tickets.
Instrumental hard rock that the world pays attention to explodes in Osaki! Don't miss this opportunity
If you are looking for a ticket, please D_Drive the official website of the company or cookhouse tsubaki.

Official site:http://www.ddrive-official.com
Venue: Cookhouse Tsubaki (7560 Ikeshida, Yosaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020 OPEN:18:00START:18:30
Tickets: Advance ¥3,500 / ¥4,000 on the day ( 1Dink500 yen)
Contact: Cookhouse Tsubaki TEL.0537-86-7150

Omaezaki City Industrial Festival Tomorrow Day 2 11/24

The first day of the Osaki City Industry Festival has ended safely.
2The second day starts at 9:30 on November 24 tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the Kamen Rider Zero One show will be two times from 11:00 p.m. and 2:45 p.m.
Local JA and chamber of commerce events, and the Szuoka City Yakimachi Yakin Osaki City Team Spectacular Party are also held.

On the first day today, electone player 826aska performed.
Many fans from outside the prefecture were seen, and it was a hot stage.
826Mr. Aska.,Thank you very much to the staff and fans.
It is said that tomorrow will be a performance in Toyama. Travel long distances, please be careful.

Kamen Rider Zero One, which appears tomorrow, also appears to be very popular this year.

I'm waiting for you tomorrow at the Osaki City Industry Festival.
Please note that parking is limited. If you are nearby, please come by ride.

Omaezaki City Industrial Festival About rainy weather

The Osaki City Industry Festival will be held tomorrow!

23On Sundays and Saturdays, 836aska concerts and performances by the city school brass band club
24Ja events and Kamen Rider Zero One show are scheduled for Sunday and Sunday.

In case of rain, stage events will be held in the city hall.
For more information on stage events, please see the flyer.
Please come by all means!

826Mr. Aska's appearance decision Omaezaki City Large Industry Festival

Next week, it will be held on Saturday, November 23, a national holiday, and Sunday, November 24.
The 15th Osaki City Industry Festival. On the 16th, newspaper folding flyers were folded into Osaki City.

On Saturday the 23rd of this year, electone player 826aska will perform.
While an active high school student, the technique that YouTube playback also exceeded 100 million times with its overwhelming playing power
You can see it in Osaki!
The appearance time is scheduled from 12:00 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. twice. Looking forward to.

#Omaezaki city, large industrial Festival

Omaezaki Halloween Party & Gourmet Street

Osaki Halloween Party & Gourmet Street will be held on Saturday, October 26th!
Let's dress up together in the pedestrian paradise in front of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

Kids' time, costume No.1 finals, Halloween candle night, UTAKA acoustic live, etc. will be held.
At Gourmet Street, 12 shops in the city gather!
Let's all dress up and enjoy the Halloween party!

Date Saturday, October 26 15:00- 20:00(Canceled in case of rain)
Location Shoko Kaikan Parking Lot Ike nitta Kindergarten Parking Lot
Pedestrian Street (14):30- 20:30Vehicle traffic is prohibited)

For details, please see the flyer ↓

Kakashi Shinno Festival 2019

The Shinno Kakashi Festival 2019 will be held again this year from Sunday, October 6.
The kakashi made by the applicants will be on display.

Flow through the Niino district of Omaezaki City, which is also a village associated with ShinnoZama Esakiko
The riverbed of the Shinno River is crowded with the oak of the thought respectively.
10Popular votes will also be held on Sunday, June 6 and Monday, July 7.
Event dates are subject to change depending on the weather. Please understand.

Exhibition period October 6-18
For details, please see the flyer ↓

Osaki Illumination Flyer Osaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The illumination of the Osaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry held at this time every year
It will be held from Saturday, December 14 tomorrow.

Every year, it was a design for announcing the christmas party and introducing the sponsorship of illuminations.
This year, we have changed the design including the event name.

Osaki Street in front of Yosaki City Hall will be decorated until Sunday, January 27 next year.
The venue is also in front of our office.

Please come by all means.

Ike nitta High School Subscription Concert 46th 2018

Hello. Ike-Nitta High School Brass Band Regular Concert
This weekend, Sunday the 16th, from 2:00 p.m., will be held at Yosaki Civic Center.

Our company is contacted by ike nitta high school brass band club.
Posters and flyers, tickets and programs for the first time this year
I was made.

The Ike-Nitta High School Brass Band Club has one member at the time when the current manager was a first-year student.
It is said that the number of members has reached 14 now after over the time of one member.

Ike-Nitta High School is also my alma mater.
At the time of school, I became a member of society and was in charge of the printed materials of the brass band club, etc.
I never dreamed of it. I feel very honored.

In addition, the concept of the base design of the poster is
The members of the club thought about it and proposed the design.

This is the last concert for the third graders.
The activities of the students of Ike nitta High School, the only high school in the city that is scheduled to be integrated
I would like many people to support me.

The venue was held on December 16 at 1:30 p.m. Admission is free.

Osaki City Industry Festival 2018 The 14th Osaki City Industry Festival (11/24/25)

The 14th Osaki City Industry Festival
It will be held this weekend on November 24th and 25th.
The image is a flyer folded into the city on Saturday the 17th.

24On Sundays and Saturdays, the opening ceremony, ja agricultural product fair, industrial introduction stage, and more
Kamen Rider Geou, Jam9 live and the city junior and senior high school brass band
Concerts are scheduled.

25On Sundays and Sundays, in addition to the civic entertainment stage, ja and chamber of commerce and industry stage events,
Shota Iizuka's Inauguration Ceremony as Tourism Ambassador, Saya Asakura's Concert
There will be a shizuoka city town counter edo station Yakizaki team sogyokai etc.

There are also tosses on both days.
1419th year Osaki City Industry Festival. To many people outside the city this year
I think that you will be able to come.

Since the number of parking lots is limited, nearby people ride cars,
Please come by such as.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for being in charge again this year.
We will do our best to make this a safe and enjoyable event.

Representative Director Katayama