Omaezaki Halloween Party 2023

Omaezaki Halloween Party will be held on Saturday, October 28th!
The Omaezaki Halloween Party was held for the first time in three years last year and was a great success. It will be held again this year at Yachiyo Park (south side of Omaezaki City Hall).
Date: Saturday, October 10:00~15:00(Canceled in case of rain)
Location: Near the entrance of Yachiyo Park and city road
Organizer: Omaezaki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry

This year, there will be a candy lottery for children who participate in costumes and with receipts from shops in the city, and a costume contest will be held on Instagram.

In Omaezaki City, a flyer (below) by our company production staff will be inserted into the newspaper this weekend on Saturday the 14th. For details, please see the flyer ↓

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