Kitakai Marche 10/22 Call for Participating Stores

10On Saturday the 22nd of the month, "Kitakai Marche" will be held at the Kitakaido Shopping Street in Shizuoka City.
It was planned as a successor project to the event that had been held on the sidewalks on both sides of the Kita Kaido in Shizuoka City as "Hawk City / Sunpu City" for more than 10 years before Corona. For this business plan, Faith is in charge of proposing event names and publicity.

More than nine months after the opening of Faith's Sunpu office, we have decided to participate in initiatives related to the revitalization of the North Highway, including this project.
Even now, while learning various things from local people, we share time to think about the charm of the city.
Everyone I meet is enthusiastic, and I am grateful for the good encounters. They are vulnerable to such people.

"Kitakai Marche" is currently recruiting participating stores. We plan to hold this project on a regular basis in the future.
To apply, access the application form from the 2D code of the flyer with the smartphone below, orKitakaido HomepageYou can apply from. Thank you very much.

Face Corporation Representative Katayama

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