Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022 Pamphlet Information

Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2022 is being held very popularly.
This year, the weather is unstable for this time of year, but we have received a record 200 or more accesses to our face blog post posted last time.
4It has been held since Saturday, March 23, and it has been well received today, so we will introduce the inside information of the pamphlet.

The middle of the pamphlet contains detailed information on the 16 participating stores, a map of all stores including two stores in Hamamatsu City, and a calendar for holding. If you read a 2D barcode on the map and calendar, you can also view it on your smartphone.

I announced last time, but the participating stores are the following 16 stores.
Yama Cafe: Makinohara Tea
Tenku Tea Garden: YazoMajutaen
Cafe "Daichaen": Martaque Tea
Cafe and Sori: Yamaari Tea
Agame Cafe: Kappo Giseame
Maruyo Chaya: Same
Tree-growing Square: Yukitoshi
Cafe Ogashima: Gingashima Tea Garden
Tea and food-time tea: Same
Four leaf: Four Leaf
Okuru &pt.Courage: Same
Nagomi Chaya: Dune Fish Administration Garbage
Italian Gelato Mare: Same
Cape Tsuyu Hikari Cafe Yashio: Yashio Coffee
Mori no Fu/ Believing Cafe: Mori no Fu
Hamamatsu tea leaves shop: Same

We are waiting for you with pamphlets at each store.
This year's event is until Sunday, May 15.

Green tea has the effect of preventing infectious diseases, antibacterial and antiviral action, allergy suppression, etc.
Please drink a lot of Omaezaki tea.

Face Co., Ltd. will have a GW vacation from tomorrow to May 5. But maybe Katayama works a little on holidays. Thank you very much for your continued support of Face Co., Ltd. in the future.

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