Omaezaki Art & Craft Fair

The Omaezaki Art craft fair will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 24 this week.
The art and craft fair is an event project planned and operated by Fuji Telenet Co., Ltd., and has been held 18 times in Shimizu and 15 times in Lake Hamana. The company supports us at the Omaezaki Minato Summer Festival (fireworks display) and the Omaezaki City Large Industry Festival.
This time, the art craft fair in Shimizu became severe this year due to the circumstances of the venue, and the first event will be held in Omaezaki.

Faith has been considering holding this art craft business for about 10 years since the summer festival was held at the venue marine park Omaezaki. In response to the decision to hold the event at the secretariat, we were ready to cooperate and support organizations and companies in the city.

Not to mention the concept of regional revitalization and the appeal of Omaezaki, as for me (Face Katayama), I always keep in mind the work that other companies can not do while being involved in the planning and face established because it is the region.
Of course, art and craft fairs are held all over Japan, and in the prefecture, it is held in Lake Hamana. However, I am confident that the Omaezaki Art & Craft Fair will create a different appeal from any of these events and make it an attractive business that is unique to you. This week, I hope that the locality of Omaezaki and the passion of 207 craft artists, including those outside the prefecture, will start a new angle.

Please come to Marine Park Omaezaki this weekend, although it is corona damage.
We sincerely apologize for your support.