Thanks to you, we celebrated the 11th anniversary of our opening.

Hello. Shizuoka Prefecture welcomed the sunny February 4 Ritsu Spring.
Today, thanks to our company, Face Co., Ltd. was able to celebrate the 11th anniversary of its opening.
I am truly grateful to all of our clients, business partners, and staff who have supported our company, including in the past. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It is an era when there are many uncertainties about the future due to the corona disaster, but as a representative of this company, as long as even one person "trusts" our company, I would like to solve the given issues together with everyone.

In the planning and design work of advertising, not only stable quality but also "outstanding quality" is essential. We will scrutinize the design that is better than other companies and the quality better than other companies, so that you can think that "it was good at our company". We will work even harder to become a company that can respond to the "trust" of everyone.

Just a few days ago, I was watching a video of a music distribution and thought, "Music is good." From "enjoying" "sound" to "music". The enjoyment of the sender also provides enjoyment to the listener. I suddenly thought about whether "enjoying advertising" or "enjoying work" leads to the enjoyment of advertising.

This year marks 30 years of being involved in the advertising industry on July 21.
In the midst of major changes in the times, the advertising industry has also changed drastically from the style I had when I stepped in 30 years ago. However, I feel that being able to have relationships with our business partners and seniors at that time, as well as to everyone who moved from one company to another and took care of me at the time of my previous job, Report Port Co., Ltd., is a true asset and a source of pride.

We will continue to work even harder so that everyone can feel that it was "good" that you have "trusted" our company, and that the work we work together with them will feel "fun" or "energetic".

There are still some points that are still immature and unreachable, but we look forward to your continued guidance and patronage in 2022.

Although the social environment is full of anxiety, I would like to express my best wishes for your health and happiness and thank you.
Thank you very much. Thank you for your continued support of the 12th year.

Face Corporation President & CEO Tomoya Katayama