Greetings from the opening of sunpu office

Hello. As I have already announced on my personal Facebook page, I have opened an office in Sunpu-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City from November 1st. It is not a large space, but now that the convenience of remote is attracting attention in the Corona disaster, we have prepared it as an office with mobility and efficiency.
In addition, in cooperation with the Omaezaki Office, we would like to plan an efficient work system. Since its founding in February 2011, Omaezaki has become widely associated with people in central and western Japan. I believe that the biggest challenge is DX. Looking ahead to sociality 10 years from now, we will devote ourselves as a company that can grow together with you.
We will do our best more than ever, so we look forward to your continued support and kindness.
Face Inc. Representative Director Tomoya Katayama