A new homepage of fish gold has been completed!

A new homepage of Uo kin, familiar with Osaki City's catered dishes, has been completed. The new homepage is a renewal including ci design of fish gold.


The old site was not migrated (it was not possible) and the new homepage was opened as it was.

It was the last conversation as a result when the former president of Uogon called me three days before his death and told me that he had something to consult with again. I have such memories, and I am deeply moved to have been consulted about this work.
In the sense of supporting the young third generation who inherited the family business from the earliest generation, please access many people by all means.

Also, thank you to President Terada of Akka Style Concept for your cooperation in the production. It is a strong partner that I first knew when I opened my business individually. I am really hearty that you are still cooperating in this way.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been watching this blog.

There are many delicious shops in Osaki, such as Uogane-san. Please look back.