Puru that 2018 summer posters

We produced posters for Misaki Citizen's Pool and Suisui Park Pururu.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. pool business promotion department was in charge for about 10 years before the face opening
advertisements for water such as pools, water parks, and beaches.
I don't leave my head all year round.

This poster is a secondary advertisement for attracting customers in the summer of the 20th anniversary of its opening.
While submitting multiple plans, using illustrations that have been used for the past two years
Images of the facility are also posted.

The illustration is an image of the bird "Goshawk" that lives around here.
There's a different real character, but I'm familiar with the poster design.
I have produced and used original illustrations.

The outdoor pool of Pururu is seen from the main highway.
It is a familiar appearance for those who have passed by car.

It is a design that made a catch copy of the summery blue and the name of the facility as it is.

This summer, please enjoy the 20th anniversary of Pururu.
On the 23rd of this weekend, folding flyers will be folded into Osaki city and surrounding areas.

Thank you for reading!

Face President Katayama