Light soup, news Cafe 2018.

Light soup, is held annually as a sales promotion planning of omaezaki tea Cafe.

Participating membership shops three light around, omaezaki tea soup with fresh tea
Each is a sweets shop in recommended, campaign.

Participation fee is mortal! 3 minutes at 500 yen coin!
Further 3 stores get around the stamp and light soup in your merchant's product is 10% off,
You can buy a nice campaign is.

Here is the brochure cover and back page 2 min ↓

Omaezaki City 17 participating stores, and
Omaezaki is cooperation of all 19 stores until Yukari BUNGBOX beach restaurant, omote-Sando.

Information brochure in terms of each participating store is here ↓

Far from the North tea areas of omaezaki, omaezaki Lighthouse between Cape area
Light soup in different shops, and enjoy the fresh tea with sweets.

Merchants each hours, dates, and during golden week to Cafe
Please note that the shop did not have.

First of all this is is due to Kakegawa concept co., Ltd.
This year began this brochure advertising tools such as posters,
In the face was in charge.

As summer approaches, the charm of the omaezaki goes up more and more.
Please, light soup, at Cafe omaezaki slowly and enjoy.

Face President Katayama